Vows Poll

So it comes time to pick out our vows. I thought- I’ll blog and get others opinions! We can:

1. Go traditional

2. Write our own

3. Or take someone else’s and change things to make it personal.

If anyone has any ideas or have heard some really cool vows let me know!


San Diego

Me and Kris went to San Diego yesterday for Labor Day. I just want to say that I really like San Diego! The weather was awesome, it was beautiful, I loved the downtown atmosphere where we could just hop on the trolley. It was great. We ate lunch at Dick’s Last Resort. It’s a restaurant where they are purposely rude to you. The waiter throws things at you and stuff- it was fun! They like to make you laugh. I found what is now my favorite store to shop at. It’s called Pink Zone. They had great apparel for a very decent price – my kind of store! I bought stuff for my honeymoon cruise- bathing suit, cute shirt, and shoes! If I was better at this blogging thing I would have pictures for you- but I’m not so I don’t. Anyway, this is probably really boring to you all but I thought I needed to blog so I did! Tah tah for now. : )



So as I mentioned before, I went to Mexico on Aug. 25th-27th with a group from Sandals Church with the Pasos Mexico Ministry. It was awesome as usual! God always blesses- even when we did the trip on short notice. Those are His people down there and He cares for them. We are just vessels God uses despite ourselves. You can check out more at theSandalsBlog.com. Justin came in with a video camera in my face and told me to tell him about our trip. He wouldn’t give me a minute to think about what to say so it is kinda random- I had to think fast! And I’m not very good at that, but uh well. : )



Can I just say that words cannot express how much I love my fiance? Good thing too (that I love him so much) since we’re getting married in 71 days! That’s right- 71 days until wedded bliss. He has been so good with all the stress of wedding plans and putting up with me. When I’m stressed he makes me feel better and writes everything out so we can check things off the list and see how much is getting accomplished (or not!). Thank you honey for everything! You are my better half- I love you!

No More Sick


So SICK is going around in the office and I think I caught it! : ( I don’t know what it is but it keeps spreading. Yesterday Tasha was home sick, before that it was Pastor Nathan and on from there. I am REALLY tired and my sinuses are all messed up and my throat is killing me. Sound familiar? I hope I can fight it off. Beky brought me some EmergenC- it’s powder stuff you drink that’s loaded with Vitamin C and stuff. Kim’s going to take some too. We’ve got to put a stop to it! We have a missions on Friday to Mexico. Get behind me Satan- I’m going anyway!

No longer left out!

Yes, I gave in and started a blog. I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt so left out! I’ve always been pretty trendy, but when it came to computers and myspace and blogging I think I’m a little behind. I do have a myspace, but only after it seemed as if I was the only one without one. These are trends I didn’t want to follow. Sure enough here I am, blogging away! No self control I tell you! I think it’s funny how everyone wants to be different and stand out, yet we all jump on the bandwagon to be in the in crowd. To be in on all the updates and gossip. We want to know what’s going on, we want to know the scoop and what everyone else is talking about. Ok- maybe it’s just me! Well, this is the end of my first official blog. Hope it finds everyone having an awesome day!